Saturday Chefs 11+ 10th Sept 2.30pm – 5pm

10th September 2022 2:30 pm
10th September 2022 5:00 pm



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Date:    Saturday 10th September 2022

Timings:    2.30 – 5pm

Menu:   Chicken / Quorn Kebabs, Homemade Pitta & Hummus with Koulrakia Biscuits

Saturday Chefs:    These classes are suitable for children in Secondary school from the ages of 11 – 18.

Pricing:    £25 per child

Description:  This cookery class is full of flavours you can recreate at home.

Make a delicious marinade for your Chicken / Quorn Kebab. Make Pitta bread and Hummus from scratch and create a Greek tea.  For dessert make Koulrakia which is a butter-based sweet vanilla Greek Biscuit.

Don’t forget to bring a tupperware container so you can share the Koulrakia with your family.