A Taste of Thailand


A Taste of Thailand Classes

We love the fresh, sweet and sour flavours of Thai Cooking and are sure that you will too.

Classic Thai Cooking:

Pad Thai is so much more than just a stir fry.  Learn the flavour combinations used in this flagship Thai recipe and the methods that make it such a tasty dish to enjoy.

Served alongside your Pad Thai are homemade Spring Rolls which we make using Filo Pastry and bake so they are healthy as well as delicious and a Tamarind Dipping Sauce.

Thai Curry Masterclass:

Learn to create both the Red Thai Curry Paste AND the Green Thai Curry Paste and choose whether to cook your curry with Chicken or Vegetables.

These curries are delicious served with Coconut Rice.

To continue the coconut theme we are making some Mango Puddings as a sweet treat which is dairy free and vegetarian as we use Coconut Milk and vege-gel instead of gelatin.

Thai Feast:

We use Basa Fish in our Thai Fishcakes which are fantastic for absorbing those lovely Thai flavours – Jackfruit or Banan Blossom are excellent vegetarian alternatives

These tasty little Sweetcorn Fritters are so quick and easy to make and also extremely addictive – we can’t stop cooking and eating them!

Satay doesn’t actually have any peanuts in but is the marinade for the Chicken or Aubergine in this dish

We do however also make the Peanut Sauce which includes our homemade Red Thai Curry Paste for a truly authentic sauce

A crisp and fresh Thai salad completes the meal and with all your newfound knowledge of Thai spices & ingredients you will make your own bespoke dressing