Moroccan Pastilla & Kefta Cookery Class Tuesday 13th July 2021 AM

13th July 2021 11:00 am
13th July 2021 1:00 pm


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Date:   Tuesday 13th July 2021

Timings:  11am – 1pm

Menu:  Fish or Courgette Kefta and Chicken or Sweet Potato Pastillas

Description: Moroccan food is so deliciously rich and not as spicy as you might think,  Pastillas or Bastillas as they are often known are basically a traditional Moroccan Pie!  Delicately spiced meat or vegetables are combined with eggs and wrapped in Filo Pastry then baked in the oven until the edges are lovely and crispy, these pies are unique and so very tasty.   Adding another dimension to the class you can make either fish or courgette Keftas, once again using the sumptuous Moroccan spices.

Pricing:   £70 per Pod which is suitable for 2 Adults.