Perk Ups..

Bored of Cooking the Same Food Day in Day Out?

This Range of Demonstrations has been designed to Perk Up your Home Cooking!

  7pm – 8.30pm for Demonstrations  and £25 per person

7pm – 9pm for Classes  and £35 per person

Recipes, Tuition and Dinner are included

Vegan – Demo

7pm – 9pm

Vegan Meals

Remaining Places Left: 



Learn how to create a variety of Fantastic BBQ Dishes, including Burgers made from our very own Galloway Beef

Wednesday 15th May

7pm – 8.30pm

£25 – Cooking Inspiration Demonstration

Remaining Places Left: 12

£25.00Book Your Place Now


Picnics – Class

Summer is coming (or so they say!).  Tired of soggy sandwiches?  We have some Delicious Picnic Dishes for you to enjoy for Dinner

Perfect your Picnic

Tuesday 18th June

11am – 1pm

The Art of Cooking Classes £35

Remaining Places Left: 11

£35.00Book Your Place Now

Tuesday 18th June

7pm – 9pm

The Art of Cooking Classes £35

Remaining Places Left: 12

£35.00Book Your Place Now


Curry Night Demonstration

Explore the Different Flavours and Textures of Curries in this Demonstration

Steak Tikka, Pork Vindaloo, Goan Fish Curry, Chicken Korma & Chapatis

Friday 27th September

7pm – 8.30pm

£25 per person

Recipes, Tuition and Dinner are included

Remaining Places Left: 12

£25.00Book Your Place Now

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Sauces Galore

Learn how to Create Sauces from Scratch:

Homemade Gravy (with Roast Chicken)

Red Wine & Rosemary

White Wine & Tarragon

Cider & Mustard

Thickening Methods: Beurre Manie, Cornflour, Reduction

Served with a Variety of Meat & Vegetables for your Dinner

Healthy Meals

Healthy Meals with the Calories Counted for You.  We don’t Compromise on Taste!

Easy, Tasty Breakfasts

Fruit with Yoghurt & Honey, Smoothies

Tasty Treat

Home Cooked Chips

Everyday Meal & Alternative Carbs

Tomato Based Sauce (Batch Cooking) with Spiralised Vegetables

Saturday Night Takeaway

Easy Chicken Curry with Baby Leaf Spinach or Rice

Friends for Dinner

Lemon Chicken with Boulangere Potatoes and a Melange of Vegetables

Family Meals

A Variety of Dishes that will inspire new additions to your Weekly Meal Planner

Pastry & Pies