Online Classes

Welcome to The Farm Cookery School Online Classes

We started running online classes in September 2020 for Corporate Customers and we have now created a programme of different classes to suit a wide variety of people that we will be running whilst we can't meet in the cookery school itself.  We will continue to run our Virtual Wednesdays every other week once we are back as, quite simply, we love teaching online as well now!

Please see the 'How it Works' Page for more information, and all scheduled classes are on the Calendar 

We have more classes ready to go but will wait until we have further clarification on the Lockdown before we schedule them

We have created 6 Different Categories:  Create your Own : Mid Week Tutorials : Date Night : Pub Grub : Saturday Family Classes : Holiday Clubs


The 'Create your Own' or 'How To' Classes

These classes are designed to give you the confidence to create your own 'Signature' dish as well as multiple meals using the Guide.  For example my favourite Moroccan Tagine is Chicken & Aubergine with a strong focus on Cumin & Smoked Paprika for the spices but there are numerous other options that you can chose from and advice on how to cook them.  During the class I will cook my favourite dish whilst advise you how to cook yours - you can copy me too if you like!

All classes are run between 7pm - 8pm and cost £10 per Login / Household

Wednesday 27th January

More Dates Coming Soon

Mid Week Tutorials

AKA 'Perk Ups' you will cook (or watch me cook!) a variety of dishes in each class to widen your weekly meal planner.  Recipes for all of the dishes are provided with options on how to tweak them to your taste and a total ingredients and equipment list make it easy to shop for the class.  Personally I cook family size portions of all the dishes that I can freeze to make my week easier and smaller portions of the others that I thoroughly enjoy eating after the class!

All classes run from either 5pm - 6pm or 7pm - 8pm and cost £10 per Login / Household


Date Night

Enjoy some time cooking with your partner and light some candles for a speical evening meal.  These classes are designed with romance in mind!

All these classes run from 7pm - 8pm and cost £10 per Login / Household 


Steak, Sauces & Homemade Chips

Master the Art of Steak cooking and create Bearnaise & Diane Sauces.  Serve with Homemade Chips

Friday 19th March 7pm - 8pm

Lemon Chicken & Potato Dauphinoise 

Friday 12th February  7pm - 8pm

Tricolore Salad & Melanzane Parmigiana

Friday 5th March  7pm - 8pm

Pub Grub

We are all missing that trip to the pub and the comforting food that goes with a good night out so this category will teach you how to recreate some pub favourites in your own kitchen.  If there is a particular dish that you like to eat when you go out you can always get in touch and ask us to add it to our list for development.

These classes run from 7pm - 8pm and cost £10 per Login / Household

Saturday Family Classes

We've been stuck at home all week trying to juggle work and home school and so surely it's time to have some fun at the weekend.  Enjoy some quality time with the kids cooking your Saturday Dinner (or save it for Sunday!) and make sure they help you clean up afterwards too!  All classes include a Savoury and Sweet dish.  We even have some special Little Chefs classes that are a bit shorter with easier dishes that you can enjoy doing with the younger chefs in the family.

These classes run from 3pm - 4.30pm  and cost £15 per Login / Household

Children's Holiday Clubs

If, like me, you look at a lockdown half term and wonder how on earth you are going to entertain your children over half term then never fear holiday clubs are here!  All we ask is that an adult is nearby to help with any knife work and to supervise hob work, the children are expected to clear up after themselves just as they would in the cookery school.  All ages are welcome to join in on any class, you know your children so we will leave it to you to guage what is suitable for them.  Adults are welcome to join in too!

Lovely Lizzy from our team suggested a Virtual Bake Off which is a great idea and that will be happening on Tuesday 16th Feb with a prize for the winner.  All ages (Adults included) are welcome and bakes will be judged with the age in mind!

Hour Long classes cost £10 per Login / Household and the 1.5 Hours are £15 per Login / Household