We are now able to offer the tutoring element of an OCR GCSE in Food Preparation and Nutrition here at The Farm Cookery School.

COST: £500

(Please note that the Exam Assessment is an additional cost and must be booked & paid for directly through Tutor & Exam)


The OCR GCSE in Food Preparation and Nutrition equips students with the knowledge, understanding and skills required to cook and apply the principles of food science, nutrition and healthy eating.

It will encourage students to make the connections between theory & practice, so that they are able to prepare and cook a wide range of foods.

Coupling the Food & Nutrition elements of this GCSE with The Farm Cookery Schools holistic approach to food learning, we aim to build our students confidence, enabling them to make safe, healthy and affordable choices now & in later life.


Please complete & return our GCSE Application Form & return it to along with a short statement from the proposed student explaining why they wish to complete a GCSE in Food Preparation & Nutrition. This course is open to students aged 13+


The content is designed to meet the subject specifications common to all GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition courses & the Key Stage 3 National Curriculum requirements. It also meets the framework required to allow students the option to progress their studies on a path to careers in the food & hospitality industries.

For more information about the past papers and the assessments please follow this link: https://ocr.org.uk/qualifications/past-paper-finder/

The qualification is GCSE and the Subject: Food Preparation and Nutrition

The course covers a wide range of theory which which can be broadly condensed into the following modules:


Understanding the relationship between diet, nutrition & health and the need to modify recipes to meet the dietary requirements of different groups of people.

FOOD (Food Science, Provenance & Food Choice):

Understand & explore a broad range of ingredients, their functional properties, provenance, as well as impacts of chemical processing & production.


Understanding both the Safety & the scientific principles underlying the preparation & cooking of food.

SKILLS (Preparation & Cooking Techniques):

Demonstrating effective & safe cookery skills, methods and use of appropriate equipment.


This is an annual programme which runs from September to May & is delivered by The Farm Cookery School.

The GCSE qualification is comprised of Non-Examined Assessments (NEAs) – these are a Food Investigation Task and a Food Preparation Task which both require documents to be produced.

The course culminates in an Exam Assessment, booked directly through our partners at Tutor & Exam. – please get in touch with them before booking with us to obtain the exam information and costs.


The course will be delivered through Google Classroom with 30 online distance-learning sessions.

These are backed up with a bank of video tutorials & briefs & three in-house practical cookery sessions at The Farm Cookery School in Wiltshire.

There is weekly homework to cover the theory and practical elements of the course.

Online sessions will cover:

  • Elements of food and nutrition theory.
  • Learning key skills/techniques.
  • A practical food preparation task.

Weekly homework must be submitted on time in a PDF document labelled with the students’ name through the Google Classroom system


The 30 online sessions will be held on a weekly basis:

  • Tuesday mornings from 9am – 10am (Term-Time only).
  • Taking Bookings Now for 24 / 25
  • NEW Tuesday mornings from 11am – 12pm (Term-Time only)
  • NEW Tuesday afternoons from 1pm – 2pm (Term-Time only)
  • Please fill out the booking form and email it to us if you would like a place

The 3 in-house practical sessions to take place at The Farm Cookery School in Wiltshire In the following months – dates to be confirmed:

  • September 2024 (10.30am – 2.30pm) Workspace familiarisation and Bake Off
  • January 2025 (9.30 am – 3.30pm) Food Preparation Task Practice
  • March 2025 (9am – 6pm in 2 Sessions) Food Preparation Task Assessment.


Please click on the class picture with the times that you would like to take your GCSE course (they are all on a Tuesday). They will be online except the 3 in house practical sessions.

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