Education Packages

We offer a variety of Classes, Courses & Workshops which are detailed within our Education Guide

Education Booking Form and Options 2019

On School Premises

4 Week Cookery Course

We work alongside the curriculum and aim to increase confidence and self-esteem as well as providing essential life skills This Course is for a maximum of 8 pupils at one time and costs £84 per session.

Healthy Schools Workshops & Food Fair

Introducing children to alternative food and snacks is a great way to control the amount of sugar they consume. We can accommodate up to 60 children in one afternoon or morning over 2 sessions at a cost of £200 plus ingredients

At The Farm Cookery School

Bespoke Events

We offer bespoke events tailored to your specific requirements, for any number of children, with prices starting from £150.  The Cookery School has a 17-metre kitchen, so we are able to easily accommodate large groups and offer dining facilities.

Historic events have included specific topic-related cookery, team building sessions, reward & recognition sessions and skill building classes.

Staff Team Building Events

Taking the teaching team out of the school and working with different colleagues, can have a big impact on how you work.  This quote from a recent participant in a Team Building Day for Equa sums it up nicely:

“Seeing it as a learner today, is going to change what I do in class tomorrow”

There is a Minimum Spend of £450 per Event for up to 12 People with a discounted charge per head for additional Guests

The Bake Off Challenge

Why not try a Bake Off for an event with a difference.  The Minimum Spend is £300 for up to 12 People with a £25 charge per head for additional Guests