Education Packages

We offer a variety of Classes, Courses & Workshops either in school or here at The Farm Cookery School as well as an Alternative Provision Package for children who are unable to attend School

For more detailed information about what we offer, please see our Education Booking Form & Options by clicking on the link below

2021 Education Booking Form and Options

At your school

4 Week Cookery Course

We work alongside the curriculum and aim to increase confidence and self-esteem as well as providing essential life skills.

This Course is for a maximum of 8 pupils at one time and costs £84 per session.

At your school

Healthy Schools Workshops & Food Fair

Introducing children to alternative food and snacks is a great way to control the amount of sugar they consume.

We can accommodate up to 60 children in an afternoon or morning, over 2 sessions at a cost of £300 plus ingredients.


At The Farm Cookery School

Bespoke Events

We offer bespoke events tailored to your specific requirements, for any number of children, with prices starting from £200

The Cookery School has a 17-metre kitchen, so we are able to easily accommodate large groups and offer dining facilities.

Historic events have included specific topic-related cookery, team building sessions, reward & recognition sessions and skill building classes.


At The Farm Cookery School

Alternative Provision

This course is designed for children who would be in school years 5 to 7 and is open to children who are either at school part time or not in school at all.

You can apply through the Wiltshire Council Alternative Provision Website and we are noted in the Directory.

Or you can contact us directly via email or call us on 01380 859 478 and we will send you the application form and associated documents

You can download our brochure here: Alternative Provision brochure – PLEASE NOTE THAT WE HAVE CHANGED THE MENUS FOR THE REST OF 2022!

To book a class please click here.

At The Farm Cookery School

Staff Team Building Events

Taking the teaching team out of the school and working with different colleagues, can have a big impact on how you work.  This quote from a recent participant in a Team Building Day for Equa sums it up nicely:

“Seeing it as a learner today, is going to change what I do in class tomorrow”

There is a minimum spend of £450 per event for up to 12 people (with a discounted charge per head for additional guests).

The Bake Off Challenge

Why not try a Bake Off for a team building event with a difference.

The minimum spend is £300 for up to 12 people (with a £25 charge per head for additional guests).