How Online Classes Work


What’s Included when I Book?

Class Guide & Recipes

A week before your class you will receive the Class Guide which will include the recipes as well as a list of the ingredients that you will need to purchase as well as the equipment you will need for cooking

Additionally with our Create your Own Classes there are Ingredients Options plus advice on how to cook the different options and Spice Guides where applicable

Live Tutorial

Owner & Teacher Gretchen cooks along with you live during the class, teaching you each step and answering questions

Online Chat

One of our team takes the role of Virtual Chat Assistant and posts all of the instructions on the chat facility as Gretchen teaches and cooks.  You can also ask questions here and our Virtual Assistant will answer them or read them out to Gretchen

Price per Class

1 Hour Class = £10 per Hour per Login/ Household

Most of our midweek classes are 1 hour long as are the Little Chefs classes

1.5 Hour Class = £15 per Login / Household

Our weekend Family Classes and Holiday Clubs are normally 1.5 hours long

Private Classes

Corporate and Private Parties are charged per hour and include all of the above as well as an option for the creation of a Bespoke Class

£200 per Hour for up to 20 Logins / Households

£300 per Hour for over 20 Logins / Households

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I join?

A GMeet Invite will be sent to you the day before the class and there is always a 15 minute window before the class starts to iron out any tech problems. 

Do I need more Tech?

You should be able to just click the Join link and it will take you straight to the meeting however we have had a few complications with some (not all!) Apple Devices. If you are using an Apple device we advise downloading the GMeet App or the Google Browser as you can join from both of these.

Do I have to keep my Camera on?

It is completely up to you whether you keep your camera on or not.  Most people pin the Cookery School screen to their device so that all they see is the lesson.  Gretchen keeps a tiled screen on so that she can see if anyone needs any help if they have their camera on and also talk directly to them.

Do I keep my microphone on?

We ask that everyone keeps their microphones muted unless they have a questions to ask.  Gretchen and the Virtual Assistant will both have their microphones on

What happens if I am running behind?

You don’t need to worry, Gretchen will repeat all of the instructions and can stop so people can catch up at any time.  You can unmute to ask or type on the chat to ask for a recap

Can I cook along with my friends on a separate device during the class?

Yes of course!  We positively encourage this and know that people have used various apps such as Houseparty, Zoom, WhatsApp calls & Teams to chat to their friends whilst cooking.  Both households would need to purchase a place and then you can enjoy time cooking and chatting together

Do I have to have lots of skills?

Absolutely not, there is a lot of advice in the guides and all the recipes are step by step.  In addition if there is something that you would like clarified or shown more slowly we can easily accommodate that.  Gretchen always makes sure she shows knife skills in every class where applicable

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