Cooking Together (Adult & Child)

Cooking together

Cook & Bake with your children in Our Kitchen – No Mess to Clear Up or Shopping to Do!

You can choose to eat your Dinner in our Dining Room or Take it Home

We run a class every week throughout the school holidays and we run a monthly Saturday class during the school term time.

The adult is responsible for the child during the whole session.

Class information:

Pricing is £55.00 for an adult and a child. This includes 2 adult-sized portions of ingredients, aprons, tuition, recipes and refreshments.

Everyone attending the class is welcome to go at their own pace, some groups work quicker than others! We have a 3 hours session to allow you to go as quickly or slowly as you wish. When there are younger children the group will be slower…it is just about enjoying yourselves and going at the pace that is right for you. It does include time for breaks and to eat your food in the dining room, if you do not eat here then you will finish earlier. 

We will assist you as you go along to make all the delicious food.

If you would like to cook with more members of your family or with more friends, you can have up to 4 people at your Adult & Child Cookery Station for the £55.00 however it only includes 2 adult portions of ingredients. There is an option of paying extra for more ingredients but please check as in some classes this is not possible. You will only need to purchase 1 ticket for your cookery station.

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