School Visits

At The Farm Cookery School

Our large Cookery School can accommodate up to 18 pupils working as individuals and more if they are working in teams and pairs

There is an additional room ideal not only for eating their creations but for teaching either by Us or your Teachers.

If you tell us what you would like to achieve in the Visit we will create a Bespoke Cookery Lesson for you

Bespoke 2 Hour Visit

£15 + Vat / Student

Ingredients are included

At Your School

Should you wish us to visit you our price is £60 per hour, we can bring all of the equipment and ingredients, we just need a space and some students!

Some examples of classes that we have taught in and out of the Cookery School are:

The Science of Soups

Fairtrade Cooking

Fresh vs Processed Foods

Carnival Day Class Outing (55 children!)

Create your Restaurant

Burgers & Baking