Book to Cook Scheme

Book to Cook Scheme Launch

It seems like Covid will be around for some time to come so we have put our heads together and come up with a flexble scheme that works with our new normal.


So that you don’t have to worry about paying up front for a cookery class or event such as Date Night or Parent & Child  from 1st October 2020 to 31st January 2021 you now have the opportunity to choose the ‘Pay by Bacs’ option at checkout and then we will contact you for payment 1 week before the class. There will be nothing to pay straight away unless you want to, you still have the option to pay by card online.

This can be done over the phone by card or by a bank transfer


For you….
We want you to be able to book something and look forward to it without having to commit the money way in advance and worry that it may be cancelled due to Covid.

For us…
Rescheduling classes and transferring customers has proved extremely tricky although we’ve done a very good job if we do say so ourselves!  Where possible we would like to avoid this happening again for all concerned

Please Note:
Where people have already paid for future classes and if they can’t make them due to Covid we will of course offer the transfer vouchers as we are at present.



We love thinking about Christmas but we recognise it is hard to know what December will look like for everyone right now.

So we are offering a deposit only scheme for the Cook & Dine Christmas Parties that we have on our calendar and also for anyone who would like to book a Private Cook & Dine Christmas Event.

Simply book the Date and number of Pods that you would like online as you would a class and either call us to pay the 10% or send a bank transfer over – again choose the ‘Pay by Bacs’ option

We will contact you for confirmation and the remainder of the payment 10 days before your Christmas Party date


It can be a little scary thinking about going somewhere else at the moment, even with all the precautions that we have put into place

So if you love cooking but would rather cook in the comfort of your own kitchen we will soon be launching 3 Virtual Wednesdays in October and November

Gretchen recently created a Cook You Own Curry virtual class for a team building session and it was a big success.  Our Create your own Theme will cover Indian, Moroccan and Thai cooking and will cost £10 per household / screen

Watch this space, more information to come soon!


Our decision to extend the expiry date of our gift vouchers from 1 year to 2 years during the lockdown has been extremely well received so we will be contuining with this offer until 31st January 2021

Gift Vouchers can be bought online and personalised with your own message to make them really special