Adult Classes


We offer a wide variety of adult classes for all abilities.

Whether its a Masterclass of a taste of a new Global Flavour; we are confident you’ll find the right kind of class for you!



We travel the world with our range of Global Classes.

Explore spices from India & Morocco, flavours of Italy & dishes from Thailand.




We are on a mission to give people the confidence to Cook from Scratch.

We offer Masterclasses in Vegan cooking, Stews & Soups, Gluten Free cookery & Pasta making, all designed to give you the skills and confidence to prepare these favourites at home.



Explore the flavours of four different counties all in one day!


The Guest Chef Experience

We are thrilled to have an amazing team of Guest Chef’s here at The Farm Cookery School.

They each have their own area of expertise and are all incredibly passionate about their art.