Our Aim is to Provide Cookery Classes to EVERYONE, regardless of Age or Ability and Dietary Intolerances, Allergies or Preferences.

Please Contact Us to discuss how we can ensure you or your loved one can have the best experience at our Cookery School

Global Flavours Cookery Classes

Thai, Italian, Moroccan, Indian, Mexican

The Art of Cookery Classes

Picnics, BBQs, Soups, Stews, Cheese and many more!

Date Night

Couples, Friends & Families are All Welcome.

Parent & Child Classes

Any age children are welcome and you can bring an extra child along for just £5

Guest Chefs

Spanish, Baking, Cake Making & Chinese

Holiday Clubs

Age Ranges:

5+       7-9       8+      11+

11+ Year Old Saturday Chefs

Teaching Independence & Confidence in the Kitchen

Knife Skills, Ingredients Knowledge & Pairing, Cooking Skills & they also have to clear up!

Birthday Parties


Around the World

10am – 4pm   £120

Experience the Flavours & Spices of India, Thailand, Morocco and Italy all in one Cookery Class

Includes Spice Masterclass & Cheat Sheets, Indian Breads, Pasta from Scratch and Masala Creation

We provide:

Ingredients, Aprons, Tuition, Helping Hands to do your Washing Up, a Lovely Kitchen and Gorgeous Views of Roundway Hill!

Please tell us:

If you have any Dietary Preferences, Intolerances or Allergies and we will do our utmost to provide alternative ingredients

You need to Bring:

Yourself!  Plus any containers should you wish to take some of your food home rather than eat it all here..

Ooo and extra drinks (adults only) if you fancy a little tipple with your meal 😉

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