Reopening on Saturday 4th July

We will emerge into a different World from the one we left and that means that we have to make significant changes to not only the way we work but the building itself, our policies, pricing and class formats

Normally my extremely efficient team and I would have this all sorted in days but at the moment there is only me and I am homeschooling my children too!

I am doing my best to get all the updates on here and communicated to customers as quickly and efficiently as possible, please bear with me.

I will add the pages back on to this site as and when they are updated and continue to add information on this holding page as I finalise how we will proceed

If you have a direct question in the meantime then please email or call 01380 859 478 as all the phones are transferred to my mobile.

Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to seeing you in July and onwards

Gretchen – Owner

Jack & Maddie @ The Farm Cookery School

Making our Space Safe for You and Us

The Main Kitchen Area

We are creating 6 Cooking Pods in our kitchen area which will be used for the following:

Adult Classes

Date Nights

Corporate / Private  Events

Parent & Child Events

Holiday Clubs and Classes for Children over the age of 8

4 will be suitable for a maximum of 2 people to work in and 2 will be suitable for 3 people to work in.

Of course we are anticipating that initially it will be family only that will be working together, it will always be your choice who you work in a Pod with

I have sourced Anti Viral Spray which specifically states it will remove traces of Corona Virus and each pod will be cleaned down using this spray after each class

Each Pod has it’s own sink for Hand Washing as well as Anti Bacterial Gel and an Anti Viral Spray.  Disposable hand tissues are there for customers to us and dispose of in their Pod bin.

Washing up will be placed on a tray then be collected by staff at a Social Distance from the end of each pod – it will then go through our brand new and extremely efficient dishwasher (which we can’t wait to use!)

The Recreation Room

Otherwise known as the Dining or Party Room!

This will be turned into a space for the under 8’s to be able to prepare and cook food in a socially distanced setting

Without the Pods which prevent people coming Face to Face any staff that work in here will be wearing protective face masks and blue gloves

We are sourcing some fun masks for us to wear so that it looks more fancy dress than medical necessity!

Every space will be cleaned down with the Anti Virus spray after every event and any craft material will also be disinfected after every event

Pricing Changes

As you can see there are quite a few changes that we need to make and all of this will affect our income and also our outgoings so we do need to make some changes to our pricing.

Before I update you I just want to reassure all of the people that have rescheduled places that these pricing changes will not affect you – if you are coming by yourself you will be offered a reduced price of £25 to purchase another place for your Pod and if you are coming as a couple you will be in a pod together – the same will apply for Children with rescheduled places on Clubs and Classes

We are very proud of our pricing, I always said when I started my business that I wanted it to be accessible to as many people as possible and that I would rather work harder and longer hours to achieve financial success than have a business that only catered to a certain income bracket.

I have done my best to stick to this and so have come up with Pod pricing rather than a price per person.

Adult Classes will have a Pod Price of £70 per Pod for 2 people which is equivalent to the existing price of £35 per person

Those Pods that can accommodate 3 People will still be charged at £70 unless a 3rd person is requested, we will then add a surcharge of £15 for that extra person which is actually a reduction in price!

We will have 6 socially distanced tables in the Dining Room that you can eat at whilst adhering to guidelines for walking to and from your Pod or you can take your dishes home – we will ask for your choice in advance of the class

Date Nights will be increased to £50 per Pod rather than £40 per couple to account for the reduced capacity available, there is no other way to do this I’m afraid.  Guests will be invited to also eat in their Pods if they wish or go to the 6 Socially Distanced tables in the Dining Room being careful to maintain the Social Distancing with staff and other guests.  A new Take Home option will also be introduced

Parent & Child Events will also be increased to £50 per Pod BUT this can include up to 3 children with no extra cost.  As with all my Parent & Child classes I will increase the amount of ingredients per Pod for additional children and you can then work as a team to create larger dishes to feed all the attendees.

For safety’s sake at the moment we would ask that you take your dishes home to eat as we often have very little ones that find it hard to social distance.

Children’s Classes will have the same policy as the Adults ones both in the kitchen or the under 8’s cooking room with Pods in the kitchen being  £50 for a Pod for 2 or £60 for the Pod of 3 (no change from our prices per person and a reduction for 3 children).  Classes will run for 2.5 hours

The tables for the younger ones will be charged at £40 per table for 2 children, for larger families and children that are already socialising we can put tables together – these classes will run for a maximum of 2 hours

Phew!  I hope that is relatively clear and as always please do get with any questions – you can see why it is going to take a long time to update the website pages and products!

P.S. Guest Chef Classes & Parent and Child Events I have yet to analyse as these are slightly more complicated 🙂

We will still be running all of your favourite classes & events we just have to tweak them!

I’m also in contact with our Guest Chefs to see what we can come up with there too

Adult Classes – Global Flavours & Masterclasses

Date Night

Parent & Child Events

Children’s Classes