The Farm Cookery School

Netherstreet Farm, Bromham SN15 2DS

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Seojin Demonstrates how easy it is to Create the Healthy and Tasty Korean Food

that she grew up with and how it can be used in Every Day Cooking


Bulgogi Beef & Pork

'Bul ' - Fire    'Gogi' - Meat   

As the name indicates, traditionally in Korea marinated meat was cooked directly over a fire

Seojin creates marinades that can easily & quickly be replicated at home & used in many different ways


A popular way of eating meat in Korea,  Ssam actually means 'To Wrap'

Bulgogi is typically served with green leaves and garnishes which you use to make bite size parcels

Oi Muchim

'Oi' - Cucumber    'Muchim' the action of dressing food with a sauce

A Spicy Cucumber Salad also known as Instant Kimchi


Jabgok - Other Grains    Bap - Rice

Rice is the main grain that is served with each meal in Korea. 

Jabgokbap incorporates other grains to add flavour, texture and nutrients

Thursday 25th January       Thursday 22nd February      Tursday 22nd March     Thursday 26th April


A Taste of Korea ~ The Art of Marinating..

£45 Includes: Recipes, Tuition, & Meal